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The deadline for the Drayage Truck Regulation is September 30, 2009.

The purpose of the registration requirement is to permit CARB to monitor the location of the vehicles to make certain that the owners of those vehicles replace the perfectly good Diesel Engines in those vehicles with new Diesel Engines certified by CARB, and that those engines also have Diesel Particle Filters (DPFs) and Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) systems. Also so that CARB can monitor and enforce the maintenance of the DPF and the SCR, both of which require a great deal of rather expensive maintenance.

The cost of the Diesel Engine replacements is a minimum of $30,000 each and probably more. The cost of the DPF and the SCR is approximately an additional $10,000 each. Total cost per vehicle is $50,000 or more.

This will not only be devastating to the small businesses that own these vehicles, this will also remove many Billions of Dollars of taxable income from the State of California. The reduced State Income Tax Collections will also throw the State Budget even  farther out of balance.

Nevertheless, drayage truck owners must register their trucks in the State of California operated Drayage Truck Registry (DTR).  Registration is free and can be completed online at:

Owners of drayage trucks currently registered in other databases (such as those operated by the ports of LA and Long Beach and the rail yards) are still required to register their drayage trucks in the State operated DTR.

Note: ARB is working with the ports of LA and Long Beach to ‘automatically’ register all trucks that are currently registered in the Port’s database into the State DTR.  This effort does not absolve the truck owner of the responsibility of ensuring that their truck(s) are registered in the State DTR and that all information is correct by the deadline.

Port terminals and rail yards are required to collect and report information for each occurrence of a non-DTR registered truck entering their facility.

Motor carriers are required to dispatch only DTR registered trucks to the ports and rail yards.

Please note:  Failure to comply with the regulation’s requirements by the above deadline could result in enforcement actions by thugs.

If you need further information or help, please visit our website at: or call toll-free at 1.888.247.4821.