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May 2008, The Release of the Hien Tran Draft Report on pm2.5

Back in May of 2008 there were only a few people who knew that Hien Tran was a fraud. Those include Hien Tran himself and the officials at Thornhill University.  His report, "Methodology for Estimating Premature Deaths Associated with Long-term Exposures to Fine Airborne Particulate Matter in California." was in draft form and would not be released until the May 22, 2008 board meeting to be held in Fresno.  Life was good. Back in September of 2007, "Dr." Hien Tran was appointed Manager of the Health and Ecosystems Assessment Section in the Research Division.

It would still be six more months before those real PhD's, Dr. James Enstrom and Dr. Stanley Young would start asking questions. Then reporters like Chris Reed and Lois Henry started writing stories about the fraud, and soon more and more people learned of the report written by an unqualified liar. Despite all that, the California Air Resources Board used that report as the basis for new regulations that are ruining the California Economy and putting diesel truck owners out of business.  It was not until December 2009 that the board officially admitted to the scandal. There were at least two board members who knew of the fraud before the crucial vote: Mary Nichols and John Balmes.  They were set on getting the regulations passed that they did not bother to share the information with the other board members.

Lets go back to May 22, 2008 as Hien Tran's report is unveiled for the first time in a presentation by  Alvaro Alvarado at the Fresno meeting. Remember as you watch that nobody yet knew that the author of the report would be proven to be a fraud. Two of the board members expressed opinions that the report invited attack, while Mary Nichols beamed with pride over the fine work of this up and coming CARB manager.

The two parts of a rather boring presentation run about 11 minutes total, while comments from the board members average 3 minutes each.

The presentation (part 1):

The presentation (part 2):

Comments by Mary Nichols:

Comments by John Balmes:

Comments by Dorene D'Adamo (with a surprise appearance by Hien Tran)