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How funny is this CARB meeting Subject?

Apparently following all the past lying, disinformation, deceit and propaganda from CARB itself, its time to make sure someone doesn’t make “false statements” TO ARB or its staff!

Ironically, there is no mention of the forbidding of dishonest statements “from or by” the CARB Staff, Board Members (John Balmes), Chair (Mary N) scientists (Fronies, Glance, Krewski, Jarrett, Samet) and of course the infamous Hein T. Tran, the CARB employee responsible for the scientific health effects justification reports behind the off and on-road diesel engine rules.

When will CARB itself will stop issueing the 9,000 deaths propaganda mumbo-jumbo and instead use the 258 (nationally extrapolated deaths) from ALL PM2.5? Lois Henry’s recent article highlights this fact:

When you read her article you will clearly understand that the “New” proposed number of death’s in California for both on-and off-road diesel powered equipment emissions is actually 258/year – if this number can be even believed – out of population of 37.2-million. This 258 number is statistically insignificant in relations to the population, or 1 in 144,200. And the real cost to these regulations will be in excess of $15-billion and only two industries will be forced to mainly bare this cost – construction and transportation!

While one has to do a little research, the CARB regulatory documents themselves state that the on-road and off-road regulations to reduce diesel PM will cause only about 258 deaths/year. See: (,  Appendix J, Page J-17, Table 1 and Appendix G, Page G1-1). What the report fails to tell us is that the studies utilized health effects research from all over the U.S. in a desperate search for deaths. If one just looks at the California specific studies, it’s a fact that the California epidemiological evidence indicates that the diesel regulations will save about “0” – zero, nada deaths per year, because there are none!


Proposed Regulation Prohibiting False Statements

This page last reviewed November 18, 2010

Public Workshop to Discuss Proposed Regulation Prohibiting False Statements

ARB staff invites you to participate in a workshop to discuss a proposed regulation relating to false statements made to ARB or its staff. The workshop will provide the public with a chance to discuss the proposed regulation with staff and to provide initial comment and feedback. We welcome your participation in this event. For further information, please contact Will Brieger at (916) 324-0703.

Background on the Proposed Regulation

ARB wants to improve the quality of information it receives, and enhance the integrity of debate and analysis as new measures are developed and implemented. ARB is considering a regulation similar to regulations used by federal agencies and the California Public Utilities Commission to ensure honest discussion and reports. The contemplated regulation would forbid dishonest statements offered to the Board or to its staff. Such a regulation would be especially beneficial because the Board’s rulemaking and rule implementation relies on accurate technical, scientific, and economic data submitted to the Board. Likewise, a growing number of the Board’s programs require regulated parties to self-report certain information.

ARB is interested in ideas that will promote the integrity of information provided to the Board, so that, among other goals, our programs can best reduce emissions and protect public health.

Date and Location


Wednesday, December 1, 2010


9:30 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.


Cal/EPA Headquarters Building
Conference Room 550
1001 I Street
Sacramento, CA 95814