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Federal Court to Hear ARTBA vs. EPA Lawsuit Nov. 9th ― How could your business be affected?

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Federal Court to Hear ARTBA vs. EPA Clean Air Act Lawsuit Nov. 9th — How could your business be affected?

Click here to hear a free webinar explaining what’s at stake for the transportation industry.

Listen in as ARTBA Assistant General Counsel Nick Goldstein discusses this important litigation with Lawrence J. Joseph, a Washington, DC-based Clean Air Act attorney who will be arguing ARTBA’s case.
Mr. Joseph discusses a variety of questions about ARTBA’s case including:

  • What is the history behind ARTBA’s lawsuit?
  • What is ARTBA asking the court to do?
  • Why is identifying the limit of federal authority under the Clean Air Act important to the transportation industry?
  • What is the connection between ARTBA’s litigation and California’s off-road diesel retrofit rule?
  • How could individual states be affected by the court’s decision?
  • What does ARTBA’s litigation mean for your business? The cost of your equipment? Your ability to contract for work?

Don’t miss out! Make sure you stay informed by taking advantage of this free ARTBA member service. ARTBA and its Transportation Development Legal Advocacy and Education Center (TDLAEC) are protecting your interests in federal court. Find out all of the latest information by watching this FREE webinar.
Questions or comments on the webinar can be emailed to Nick Goldstein at
Additionally, Mr. Joseph has also generously agreed to answer any questions about the case you may have at Background information on the ARTBA v. EPA case can be found in the legal advocacy section of ARTBA's website.



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