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 State Senator George Runner

Letters to the Senator:

Sent: 09/18/2009Reply: NONE
From: Scott Hunter
To: Senator George Runner
Cc: ; ;
Sent: Friday, September 18, 2009 11:34 AM
Subject: Emailing: CARB revises 'SmartWay' rule, seeks comments - CCJ Magazine

Dear Senator Runner,

Please read down to the bottom of the article (the rules in this artical are ridicules), CARB has issued 2 more ridicules fines for trumped up " EMISSIONS VIOLATIONS" how can you conservative "leaders allow this to happen to the business that are the very source of tax revenue that you and this state survive on!!

Our last correspondence you again stated your position that you agree with my feelings concerning CARB but again you said "sorry no can do" Senator with all do respect I will not except that, I have heard and seen you fight injustice and THIS IS A FIGHT YOU CAN WIN if you work with other Senators and assembly people of like mind, Senator Bob Dutton is working in this direction I am going to contact his office also.

We just had Shaun Hannity come out and do his radio show to expose the water problem with the farmers this problem with CARB is at that level! CARB is shutting down business THIS IS NOT THE AMERICAN WAY!!!! I expect help from you and other Senators on this matter, as a responsible business owner I do my part to run a safe business that people can come and work (and retire from, just had our first retire) and generate tax revenue I do NOT feel it is my job to protect my business from PREDATORY BUREAUCRATS! I voted for you because I believe you would handle these types of situations!

Sincerely Scott Hunter CEO Hunter & Hunter Trucking

Attachment:  CARB seeks comments on ‘SmartWay’ rule