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Posted by Eric G. on September 07, 2009 at 04:23:19

In Reply to: IdleAire
posted by Stephen on August 24, 2009 at 09:09:24:

Go to link as provided for and click on Idling Compendium on the left for ALL STATES. Updated as of 8/09.

IdleAire had filed for bankruptcy in '08.
It is still in business yet it is not the system that it was originally designed to become.
Most Drivers like it not because a lot of Drivers do not smoke Tobacco and the IdleAire "filters" do not remove the smell, nor are the "filters" adequate at removing Germs from other sick users.
The "claim" that after every use, the system is flushed clean, sterilized and ready is a sham which is one reason IdleAire is not very acceptable Nationwide.
It was also designed incorrectly since one need nose in which is a bane for those of us that hate to back out of anything at night, in the rain, etc.

APUs are preferable for some and annoying for others and are a personal choice for use.
APUs while seemingly to some, not to others of being efficient for Heating and Cooling offer noise pollution (which is minor) yet unlike a standard Truck Engine.
These Units offer less pollution than ANY Gasoline powered engine because Diesel burns with a HIGHER VOLUMETRIC PROFICIENCY than any Gasoline engine has ever provided yet Diesels are attacked as being THE main cause of SMOG and Cancer causing agents which is hyperbole.

ANY alternative to Diesel Engine Idling is being systematically stamped out regardless of efficiency and California soon enough will simply eliminate Trucking as an Income source what with all the regulations, assaults, fines, etc., being levied against this one business/revenue generator. ALL STATES will follow like puppy dogs.
The easiest way (in speech and thought for non resident Trucking Companies) of avoiding c.a.r.b. and all it's insanity, is to simply STAY AWAY and/or STAY OUT from/of California in its entirety.
Easier said than done.

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