Re: Who's Really Backing CARB Legislation

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Posted by jimwoodguy on September 30, 2009 at 14:14:48

In Reply to: Who's Really Backing CARB Legislation
posted by Smoggy 1 on September 29, 2009 at 14:04:33:

Smoggy 1, did you proof read what you wrote? "You have to go after the money interests who buy off the government officials.

The samething goes with other "special interests"". Aren't the government officials being bought off, in your scenario, because they ultimately create the regulations that would benefit the "special interests"? It's the regulators who create the marketplace for corruption, and profit from selling influence. Unfortunately, CARB regulates a lot more than engine emissions, and consequently has more "products" to sell to a plethora of willing accomplices. It would be nice if they were just a vendor of corruption, because then, like most criminal enterprises they would fail by their own immorality, or be subject to prosecution by the authorities. Smoggy1, THEY ARE THE AUTHORITIES!!! They have an agenda that goes far beyond personal profit, and have been put in charge with very few limits in how they achieve it. Their ultimate goal is to control every aspect of our society to achieve some ill conceived notion of utopia. Consequently, everything in their eyes is subject to State scrutiny and is expendible if it doesn't contribute to achieving their goal. The individual and personal liberty are devalued in their minds, because they are inconvenient to achieving the "greater good" of a utopian society. They will suck our resources dry and spit us out, if we don't stop them first! They have fabricated a theory of an Armageddon between man and nature that requires an immediate change in every aspect of our daily lives, and the expenditure of massive resources on what they prescribe as a solution. It amazes me how short-sighted it is to cripple our economy and the citizens, and maintain the expectation that we would be able to achieve such an unrealistic goal, let alone maintain the quality of life that this once-great-state used to offer. Isn't the growing deficit a clue to these dictators?
Utopia is a dream, utopians are control freaks.

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