Re: Who's Really Backing CARB Legislation

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Posted by Frank on September 30, 2009 at 20:09:50

In Reply to: Who's Really Backing CARB Legislation
posted by Smoggy 1 on September 29, 2009 at 14:04:33:

Smoggy,Smoggy,Smoggy,no offense,but you just don't get it.CARB is all about the total take over of the private sector.It is run by the ultra leftists in this state,Steinberg,Bass,Pavley,Froines and the queen of ugly,Mary Nichols,that was discovered and originally put in power by Moonbeam Jerry Brown!!!Like Jim the woody guy said these people are going after everything!These control freaks are taking away everthing that you and I consider sacred.Starting off with our freedoms!Since when do a handful of unelected officials decide what you and I are allowed to do or have?They have made it mathamatically not possible to comply to any regulations they have forced on us and a business still make a profit.They have regulated how plywood is made,hair spray,windshield wiper fluid,gasoline,diesel fuel,lawn mowers,barbques,insecticides,herbasides,air fresheners and basically anything that is used in every day life!!These losers that can not succeed in the private sector that work for CARB are making 90,000 dollars a year and more destroying our state,that is not counting the rulers of CARB that are getting paid well into the six figures.They are criminals and should be in prison!

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