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Posted by Progressor on August 11, 2009 at 15:57:40

GM and the whacko USURPER wants electric cars to offset delivery of contaminants into the environment. As always USURPERS and their ilk think with their shoes used for brains.
One has to ask the question 'where does electricity come from'? AND! ladies and gents electricity comes from mostly COAL fired electric generating power plants.
AND! ladies and gentleman there's more radio active wast in 'coal residue' than in the spend nuclear fuel sitting around the nuc plants right now.
Just think folks... when it's hot or cold one uses lots of electricity; so just think how much of an additional load is going to put onto the electric grid when millions of GM Volt cars are being charged at night and after the workers get home to get ready to run their electric cars for the next trip to work.
Now if the truckers are really cool they will get NUCLEAR power plants built so that they can use the natural gas used in electric generating plants to fuel their trucks. GUESS WHAT? Not particulates from diesel combustion, cleaner air, less weight in their fuel tanks, and extended life cycles for their truck engines.
AND! what about the coal miners jobs? AHA! well that's a problem for everyone to fix for the good of the country ain't it?

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