CARB-The real reason why:

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Posted by Brian on January 25, 2010 at 07:57:40

Since we all have an idea why CARB is dreaming up & costing tax payers millions to comply with their new truck, bus, etc laws lets see what everyone thinks the TRUE reason is.

I am all for clean air, dont get me wrong but the lengths CARB is going to to FORCE CA businesses to comply is starting to show thru. The ports and their new "buy a new truck or maybe a $15-20K DPF filter or you dont get to work" rule, does anyone think that this is simply to push sales of new trucks and over priced "mufflers" to generate alot of sales tax and F.E.T. $$?? The heavy equipment rule about being tier3 or better, most have to sell their equipment out of state, turn around and buy a new piece of equipment and hundreds of thousands of dollars just to stay in business. It seems they made a few new laws, enforce it to MAKE people buy NEW equipment/trucks etc all in the name of sales tax. F.E.T. taxes and so on. Does anyone really believe it's strictly about "clean air"?

Does anyone look at it the same way I am??

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