who are they really hurting?

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Posted by Mikeythatsnice on January 27, 2010 at 19:37:01

first and formost, i want to state that im truck driver. so not only am i against this ridicioulious board but if they want inforce these foolish laws they will be hurting the people of california the most... people of california? yes. why? well if they dont wanna be hiprocrytes wouldnt they want to follow their own laws? i suppose but what do you mean? i mean companies and people of california who own diesel engine vehicals are not the only ones that will be affected but the consumer... wouldnt enforcing all this nonsense mean that the state, cities and counties of california would need to retrofit their vehicals as well. guess the money to convert their vehicals will come from the budget of california. but were broke so that means new taxes... BS!

another point is that all services and products of transportation, farming and construction companies will go up in price, not value. so how is this saving lives and bettering the economy like CARB says? its not... we wont even make a dent in saving lives or better air quality because the world is not concerned aobut our C02 output. we can stand up to these dictators. so lets do it!!!....

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