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Posted by Jeff Miller on March 07, 2010 at 18:14:34

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posted by Frank on March 07, 2010 at 07:09:12:

Everything about her and this agency (once you know a little about it) is just plain arrogant. If you watch one of their meetings it is so over before it even starts. It is obvious that they feel the public comment sessions are burdensome yet they know it is a necessity. They will ask a few questions of the speakers just to make it appear that they are interested in what they are saying. Watching Nichols apologize about not telling the other members about Tran was a total joke. The fact that Tran still works there is unbelievable.
I followed the entire MTBE process (I owned a Shell station at the time). It was so obvious from day one they were just going through the motions until the day they brought it to the pump. They had all the CA refineries retool so they could make and blend MTBE into the gas at a cost of a billion dollars which the taxpayer helped pay up front as well as 20-30 cents a gallon. They told us at the start it would be 5 cents a gallon. Guess what they did after all that work had been done? They tested it. That in itself was an outrage. Do you think after forcing all that work on the oil companies that the test ever had a chance to fail? Hell no. Matter of fact they had a concern group that they were testing. It was the fleet of Chevron employees that drove your average car that we drive. 400 people in thiis fleet with a higher percentage of repairs compared to the other fleets, all of which were state agencies, city fleets, chp etc. They actually had concerns about the Chevron fleet and spoke openly about it meeting after meeting. Remember all the car fires? Once the test was over one of the staff wanted to bring attention to the fact that on a few occasions some in the Chevron fleet forgot to put mileage down or filled out paperwork wrong. It was a very few people. They decided that the Chevron group wasn't as focused to the importance of the test and were careless in reporting their paperwork so threw out the entire database on the average car. Problem solved. We know what happened with MTBE.
Same thing with Diesel PM2.5. The entire regulation is based on the Tran report. It was a done deal. Fake credentials? No big deal. In Nichols response/apology she called it a distraction and for those who knew the science, it stood on its own. The arrogance of this agency stands on its own. We cant let her new boss be Jerry Brown. The Governor is the one person that can shut this agency down. Congress can't eren get them to hold up a bit let alone threaten to close them down. A bunch of weasels that don't do anything anymore.

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