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Posted by Bob on March 28, 2010 at 10:10:24

This is an idea I've had. What if we ie(people on killcarb,California dump truck owners assc, California trucking assc,etc)were to draft a letter like a petition, stating we want the Truck & Bus rule and the Off Road rule REPEALED. There could be a few reasons listed why, ie(cost benfits, bad science,the air will get cleaner anyways, etc). Have people sign it just like a petetion ie( registered voters, name, address,)but Signers should only sign one petition. At the same time as people are signing the petition they should be asked if they know who there State Representatives are and if they don't let them know.I feel one of the only ways we will get these rules repealed is by showing CARB, Governor, State Legislature how many people don't want these rules. I think this should be done on paper, people should only sign once,and the more sheets of paper the bigger the media show of turning them into the Governor and canidates,the State Legislature, CARB, could be. What do you think and would you sign something like that?

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