CARB out to get rid of pre-1996 cars, more euphemisms fewer Smog Stations: "High Performing Stations"?

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Posted by Omar Freemotorist on October 24, 2010 at 15:41:34

According to a very recent CARB release,
"The new law also directs vehicles without this equipment to high-performing stations rewarding these stations helping ensure that these cars comply with current emission standards. As a result, this legislation could reduce up to an additional 70 tons per day of smog-forming emissions from vehicles statewide." and,
"Only Smog Check stations with a demonstrated history of high performance will be authorized to inspect these older vehicles. This change will improve testing, diagnosis and repair of these vehicles." Is CARB really stating that it will improve REMOVING these vehicles and causing these generally lower-income and middle-class motorists who can only afford older vehicles for work and needed life purposes? With all the other CARB restrictions on our mobility, is this designed to force more of the lower income people on to inconvenient, time-consuming, and economically downward transit? More double talk. More oppression from CARB upon the least enabled Californians whose first priorities are food, clothing, and shelter, not a new Socialist-government-approved PHEV or EV or tiny car that can't fit all of the family in to one car. Where are the unions for these people who own older cars (UFCW, UFW, retail workers, etc) and where are older car enthusiasts who are threatend by this sneaky attack on older vehicle, but maintained vehicles.

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