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Posted by Rod Smith on August 16, 2009 at 09:05:44

Over 20 years ago CARB forbade use of an aftermarket carburetor on an old VW bus I then drove. With the illegal carburetor, the bus would save about a quarter tank of gas between Big Bear Lake and Bishop, California. Obviously much cleaner than the stock carburetor, the only one allowed by CARB. It was then I realized what a moronic agency CARB is. Now in Trinity County where I live, we must pay $15.00 a year for a burn permit to the North Coast Air Quality Management District. They have regualtions requiring burning to be done before noon. We typically have thermal inversions where I live, which means burn piles don't burn as well as when the sun is out, thereby creating more air pollution in the Lewiston area. They obviously developed their regualtions based upon fire safety rather than air quality standards. When there is any fire danger, burning should just not be allowed. The AQMD has apparently set rules to try and fool people into beleiving they are a useful agency. They are not. Just more money grubbing beaurocrats that the people have finally realized are not only useless, but greatly detrimental to California's citizens and economy.

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