Government sell off of smog legal trucks under tier program

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Posted by Jean on January 25, 2011 at 17:15:44

I do a lot of surfing on auction sites that sell used government vehicles and have been noticing an increase in smog legal trucks being sold as ( vin stop , non compliant vehicle , for out of state sale only ) this by itself wouldn't be so bad except some are only 3 years old, example ; 2007 F450 ford service truck, 48k miles, I am an x smog mechanic and I know that the new trucks replacing these have basically the same smog system, the problem is they sold this truck for 10k and the new one will cost us 50k to 75k to replace including the special equipment like the service body on the back.

Who is making the decisions on which vehicles get sold ? Is it up to whoever decides they want a new truck in their department, or is there someone actually picking these, because there is no rime or reason to their logic, and I believe millions are being wasted by selling some of the new fleet. Also I have seem some old vehicles sold off that were re registered in this state, they were sold to not be used in calif. .
Thanks for all the effort you have put into exposing this fraud being forced unpon us.

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