Looking into CARB, follow the money

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Posted by John on January 25, 2011 at 17:30:07

At the CARB TRAC meetings 1/12 through 1/13 some interesting things came up. The 1B funding is about $112,000,000 in place, that money is available through and by 6 air districts. Each of these districts is paid $1,000,000 to administer the documents for CARB 1B. That is to say 112 million divided by 6 equals 1 mil in income for each of the 6 districts. It is also true that South Coast District "retained" over $2 mil of this 1B money and was found out by the State auditing board. The Auditors notified the district that they would now be watched more closely, this was within the last 2 or 3 years.The money is acquired from recycling fee's and other programs, not bond money.

When CARB funds replacement dpf's, engines or trucks through the loan programs what happens to the device? There is no "second " on a title for a truck or engine. You have the legal owner and the registered owner in the case of a truck. A used DPF cannot be resold in California, so the value went from $12,000 to zero at time of sale. A personal guaranty means little when the very vehicle is the sole source of income and when defaulted the operator is with out any real assets to seize. The Truck goes to auction and the difference between the sell price and the balance owed should be accounted for. Also how much money is involved and how many trucks, filters and engines. Where do the filters go and where do the engines? I have asked verbally about this for over a year and gotten no answers. I am told the auction industry enjoys a steady stream of trucks from the "Bank of CARB".

At the December board meeting there were some retired people,part of the Tea Party movement. Perhaps they know someone with the time and skills to research these issues.

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