Fran "Chicken Little" Pavley

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Posted by Steve on October 13, 2011 at 16:51:20

Several years ago, I stumbled across Fran Pavley's webpage and marvelled at the empty-headed nonsense she was spewing about human-caused Global warming and other eco-idiot agenda items. How could this person be so ignorant, so devoid of the ability to reason for herself? She proudly listed her background, none of which qualified her in any way to pontificate on these scientific matters, yet there she was babbling away. So I sent her an email, tastefully and respectfully written, asking her to consider her position; if she was so convinced CO2 is so evil then she should be leading the charge for nuclear power since 42% of all the CO2 emitted in Kalifornia comes from electric power generation.
I never received any acknowledgment or response; I see know that she is Chairman of this resources and water committee, is a die-hard CARB supporter, and religiously promotes the AGW fraud. She should be appointed to a high ranking position in the AGW Religion. And she is still in office. Shame on the mush-headed voters of So Cal for voting and keeping such a complete idiot in office.
She is such a sad, pathetic, empty-headed idiot imo. It is so embarassing. She is another example of why Kalifornia is in trouble.

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