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Posted by Ex-Smogger on November 20, 2011 at 14:32:58

In Reply to: Another Smog Station Shut Down By the BAR
posted by B. Plackemeier on April 26, 2011 at 22:35:12:

CARB never caught me once even though our station was red flagged. CARB did not like our near 100% pass rate. It was bad for their statistics.
You have to be sneakier than them. I could smell the CARB undercover cars.
If a person is going to cheat the smog machine never tell anybody including the customer or the shop owner. If the vehicle won't pass the tailpipe test have the customer leave it for further "testing." Never charge a dime for any for any phoney repairs and do not attempt to fix a vehicle when you have no clue to what is wrong with it. Many new vehicles would not pass the smog test because the CARB test was flawed. Many new vehicles were certified for sale in California by another type of test which I believe was measuring gram per mile of pollutants.
They wanted to catch me. The auditor lady even asked me if I had any trouble with undercover cars. I said no, I can smell them.

These undercover cars would come in with a smog part missing. I would inform them that a part was missing. They would say: "you smogged it last time." I would say: "then you must have taken the part off."
It was all a game. I ounce went three months without a single repair. I would do visual and a tail pipe test first free of charge and tell the customer whether that car would pass. I retained my right not to work on any vehicle that I did not want to work on. I did not need any smog repair business.

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