My Battle with CARB & Fuel Cans

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Posted by SNAFU on February 12, 2012 at 00:43:49

First Off I live in a Non-CARB State.

My story starts when I went to get some new 5 gallon fuel cans, the stores didn't have any except for some new CARB compliant ones that, were quite simply a pile of junk at a high price.

the last time I purchased a fuel can it was "Halfway" decent quality and cost me $12, this was a little over a year ago, now what is being sold is of a grade that is little better than a milk bottle...and costs $30......

I later found a Scepter Military Fuel Can at a Yard sale and have since been trying to get more, only to have encountered a Socialistic Bureaucratic nightmare that would have made Trotsky, Lenen Chairman Mao, Proud....

Apparently due to CA Imposing a Fine on MFR's of Non-CARB fuel cans of $5000 per can found being used in CA (CA Resident or someone passing through) many MFR's Including Scepter have flat out stopped selling fuel cans to the general population in the US.

this by far is not where my battle has ended, in fact the pile of BS has only continued to grow at an exponential rate.

I am still searching for a source of decent fuel cans and have et to find one, but lets go on to other parts of this issue where this web of lies has spread, I may come back to the fuel cans later.

i then heard from an uncle about a new CA requirement on all Diesel powered vehicles, Ammonia Injection, something that is now being required to be installed at the owners expense and has to be replaced every 9 months due to it corroding to an unusable state by the extreme caustic nature of the chemicals used (not just ammonia), this system also reduces engine life of diesel engines by up to 70-80%.

then I find out that CARB is trying to force this BS on all other states via the fed, how I am not sure But I know my state will fight it, I have heard they have already made it mandatory on all new diesels but are trying to make it retroactive on ALL diesels.

As I mentioned above this will decrease the life of diesel engines by up to 70-80% and increase maintenance costs by approximately 10x, people buy diesels in the first place for 2 key reasons, better fuel economy, and longer engine life.

Something more than Junk Science to give eco freaks a warm fuzzy is afoot here, this site itself explains how this is hurting our economy, and if you research yourself you can find that very few EPA requirements have ever had any proven positive impact on reducing emissions or improving the environment, most times a negative impact is the case in addition with a negative impact on jobs and our economy.

the more you research the more it becomes clear that it is intentional, the real reason for why is unknown, but it "Seems" to be aimed at the destruction of this once proud intelligent and successful nation.

don't take my word for it, research it for yourself, then stop thinking of "Why we Can't" do things and start thinking of Why, and How we Can and Should do things, including getting rid of these parasitic groups who only do harm to everyone in one way or another.

Get up and do something, unless Orwells Nightmare of 1984 or worse is what you really want, even if its just as simple as getting and using a "Non-Appoved Fuel Can"....

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