My support to eliminate the California Air Resources Board

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Posted by Bob van der Valk on March 09, 2012 at 06:36:09

I have written articles and been interviewed by reporters for radio, TV news and major newspapers about the reasons for California fuel to be at some of the highest prices in the continental US. One of the main reasons is the restrictive regulations being imposed on the petroleum industry with costs for compliance being passed along in the price of gasoline and diesel fuel consumers. The EVR regulations were the main reason for stations and truck stops in California closing down by not being able to financially invest the money to install the required equipment. It mainly affected the Mom & Pop operated gas stations but it left the major oil companies in control of the California fuel market. They can now price their fuel according to: "What the market will bear". Mary Nicholson should resign immediately as she her ultra environmental personal viewpoints are causing California gasoline consumers to pay the extra cost with very little gains in making the air cleaner.

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