MTBE got us poor mileage poisoned soil and car fires

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Posted by Tony on August 18, 2009 at 00:41:13

Does anyone remember when C.A.R.B. required the use of poison aka: MTBE in our fuel?

The first thing that I noticed was that my cars/trucks got worse gas mileage. Not only did it raise the cost per gallon of gas but we all had to buy more of it to go the same distance.

Common sense would tell you that the few percentage of the alleged reduction in emissions was completely offset by the need to burn more fuel for a given distance.

Not only did we have to pay to have this junk put in our gas we had to pay even more to taken it out. I'm sure the big oil companies just love C.A.R.B.

The second thing I remember was that the MTBE dried out the fuel lines causing them to leak. I had to replace the fuel lines on a few of my vehicles. Wasn't there a few people that died as a result of leaking fuel line that caused car fires?

Why aren't these people in jail?

Get rid of C.A.R.B..

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