Catalytic Converter Replacement Required

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Posted by Phil on August 01, 2012 at 19:20:58

My registration renewal was due yesterday, and a smog check was required. My 2000 Tahoe is in great shape, and it's never had a problem passing smog, so I figured I'd stop in and get it done real quick. The guy checked it out pretty quick and told me that it passed all emmissions tests, but he still had to fail it because the catalytic converters were after market and the numbers were no longer legal...due to 2009 legislation. These are the same cats that have been on the car for about 7 years, and are still functioning properly. To be required to spend approx. $500 to replace 2 cats that are working properly and will not change the emmission levels one bit is ridiculous. What a gestapo organization! It makes me sick that these environmental wackos have hijacked this state...and are doing whatever they can to ruin this state.

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