CARB Bid Requst for trucks

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Posted by JD on May 15, 2013 at 23:19:20

This bid request is from the California Air Resource Board and is looking for people to provide them with trucks so they can preform tests on the trucks in order to back their false claims that has allowed this outrageous regulation.

Notice to Prospective Proposers
RFP Number 12-907
A. Purpose
The primary objective of this agreement is to utilize heavy-duty vehicle (HDV) procurement services. All HDVs will be used for test programs conducted by the California Air Resources Board (ARB). The procured HDVs will be sourced from commercial HDV rental companies; businesses; public fleet or HDV dealers within California.
ARB is charged with protecting air quality in California, conducting research regarding the causes and solutions to air pollution and enforcing State laws for the control of air pollution emissions from motor vehicles in California. One of ARBís primary duties is the adoption of standards, rules and regulations applicable to various sources of air pollution, including on-road and off-road motor vehicles, vehicular fuels, greenhouse gas emissions and other
Air Resources Board
RFP Number 12-907
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carcinogenic; teratogenic; mutagenic or otherwise toxic air contaminants. ARB is further charged with developing and adopting chemical, engineering, and other scientific test procedures in support of its regulations. Pursuant to and in accordance with these directives, ARB has promulgated a significant number of regulations and test procedures applicable to on-road and off-road mobile sources.
ARBís ability to promulgate regulations and test procedures is directly dependent upon data generated from testing light-duty; medium-duty; and heavy-duty vehicles, and off-road mobile and non-mobile sources at laboratories located in El Monte; Sacramento; Los Angeles and other emissions testing laboratories in California or in other areas of the nation. In order to obtain light- and medium-duty test vehicles, ARB manages a procurement process which involves the borrowing of vehicles from private citizens or businesses for limited periods of time. In exchange, ARB provides these citizens and businesses with loaner vehicles and monetary incentives.
Since HDVs are generally used to generate income, their owners are uninterested in loaning their vehicles for testing. They must be rented from commercial HDV rental companies; businesses; public fleet or HDV dealers.
The contract term is expected to be 36 months
B. Scope of Work
The Contractor will provide ARB with HDV procurement services to support ARBís in-use compliance; vehicle surveillance; emissions testing and research needs.
Procured HDVs will be sourced from commercial HDV rental companies; businesses; public fleet or HDV dealers within California. The HDVs will be procured within an approximate fifty (50) mile radius of three (3) ARB test facilities. The three test facilities are: Haagen-Smit Laboratory (HSL) located in El Monte, California; ARBís HDV test facility in Sacramento, California and the HDV test facility at Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transit Authority in Los Angeles, California. When required by ARB, the Contractor will be prepared and capable of procuring a HDV from any location within the State of California. The Contractor may be required to deliver vehicles to other test facilities within or outside of California.
Addresses of the three (3) ARB test facilities are:
Haagen-Smit Laboratory 9528 Telstar Avenue, El Monte, CA 91731
Depot Park Facility 8311 Galena Avenue, Sacramento, CA 95828
Metro Support Services Center 470 Bauchet St., Bldg3 Bay23 Los Angeles, CA 90012
See Attachment 10, Draft Standard Agreement; Exhibit A, Section B, Detailed Scope of Work for a more in-depth description of the services requested.
ARB is unable to guarantee any quantity of HDV procurement services to be requested upon award of the agreement and during the term of the agreement.

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