What are O/O suppose to do?

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Posted by Stacey on May 24, 2013 at 10:44:38

As a O/O my truck must me off the road 1/1. I have looked into CARB's programs they have set up
Program 1. Vip Give up my perfectly running truck in exchange for a used truck with a huge payment.The dealers they have set up have jacked up the price of the trucks which they have no inventory.
Program 2.where they have companies set up to finance a truck with interest rates of 16%-23% .(I will not pay credit card rates so i can make a living.
I have spoke to numerous people at ARb and AQMD about this.Ken Arnold laughed like a little girl when he could not answer any of my questions.(this guy makes over 7 grand a month and can't answer a question.AQMD has no answers.(Just insults)
My question is .... When they put all of us O/O out of business is there anything set up to find jobs for these people? I have been O/O for 26 years have kept a clean DOT record ,passed my inspections ,jumped thru every hoop the goverment has asked. Now they are taking my income away. What programs have been set up so that i could continue paying my bills? I am not a college graduate i have been working since i was 16 years old. The only thing i know how to do is drive truck.I own all my equipment.I spent 65,000 (i have 1 truck)last year in california for fuel,registration,etc. How is CARB gonna justify taking money out of Ca pockets when none of us are working? As a O/O there is no unemployment for us.Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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