Ca. Incumbents who gave us empty wallets

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Posted by Action Needed on August 18, 2009 at 09:20:18

A sign that states 'remove all incumbents NOW' they have caused our state enough grief. They gave CARB 850 million and fired 8,000 school teachers.

The only way that the Ca. government can be corrected from their current pursuits is to get rid of ALL incumbents no matter what they did... good or bad. Reorganizing an industry requires a complete management change. Change ALL incumbents and then the agency heads that are stupid will mostly get changed, too.
I sat in on a hearing at a state hearing. The DMV acting head mace me sick as did his lapdog sucking up to the acting heads rear end. Those guys told a Ca. senator chairing the meeting that the [DMV] had made 2 million that year...and were proud of it. The senator from San Diago asked the two JERKS 'since when is government in business to make profit?'. The two JERKS didn't have an answer and bubble their way out of their comment by blurbing all kinds of fantasies not anyhere near to answering the question given them by the Senator from San Diego. BTW! the senator is the one who invented 'where's the beef'...he said he had it copyrighted or something.

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