Plan B Alternative to Dissolution of CARB?

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Posted by Paul on August 22, 2009 at 23:53:03

The ultimate ideal end-result is the dissolution and disbanding of CARB. As much as I'd like to see that happen, I realistically (and perhaps pessimistically) think it's unlikely. Therefore, I was wondering what the next best, not quite ideal but better than nothing, plan B might be.

Could the CARB actually, possibly, somehow be used for good? If they must exist, can they somehow be convinced/lobbied to pass a *good* regulation? Obviously, they can be easily fooled by bad "science". They must therefore also be able to be fooled by actually good and accurate science - I seriously doubt they'd know the difference.

If you were king of CARB for a day, and could create new, useful, beneficial, realistic, cost-effective regulation, what would that regulation be?

If all the energy, time, effort, resources currently directed at disbanding and demonizing CARB was redirected towards getting good regulations passed, with the "side-effect" of letting CARB folks stay in power and draw their paychecks (ultimately that's what they want), then it might be an easier fight and (somewhat) beneficial (or at least not all bad.)

I admit, the last thing I want is another govt agency. But if the agency is going to exist, I may as well get something good out of it, rather than the destructiveness I'm getting from them now. And at least they won't in turn fight back - they get what they want (stay in power) and we get what we want (honest, actually good regulation). Ok, we really want them to go away, but barring that, I mean.

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