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Posted by Jeff Miller on August 24, 2009 at 05:22:05

In Reply to: MTBE got us poor mileage poisoned soil and car fires
posted by Tony on August 18, 2009 at 00:41:13:

Do you know that they forced the oil companies to retool their refineries at a cost of one billion dollars before they EVER tested MTBE on a fleet of cars? I followed every single CARB meeting during that time. When they were doing the test they had several fleets of cars that they were monitoring. Police departments, County cars etc etc. One of the larger fleets of cars (It was the largest fleet of normal average driving) were Chevron employees. I think there were around 275-400 cars being monitored. IMO, this was the most important fleet because these were normal people driving as your average person does every day with a wide range of vehicles. They monitored gas mileage, exhaust emissions, and engine repairs, mainly repairs concerning rubber fuel lines, fuel evaporation lines etc. MTBE affected the rubber over time and had a greater potential to leak at connections, especially high pressure fuel injection lines to the pumps etc. Remember all the car fires we were having?

It was a six month test. These test were the very last thing that was done before they brought it to market. All the refineries had been retooled, everything was in place, then they did the test. Do you honestly believe if the test didnít come out as predicted that they would go back to the drawing board? It was a TOTAL SCAM. All one had to do was monitor the CARB meetings. They actually did a very good controlled test. Every meeting they discussed concerns that were coming up such as greater amount of fuel leaks. I think it was about 9 % greater than cars that ran on just gas without MTBE. The Chevron fleet (The everyday driver) had 9% more repairs. Other smaller fleets had lesser repairs. I think they were in the average of around 6%. I think the Placerville Police fleet was at 8%. Mind you though that all the fleets except the Chevron fleet were some form of Govt car. Government cars are on strict regiments of timely services etc. So it made sense that they had less problems because of better maintenance. But even they had considerable more problems too. They addressed it each meeting and I thought their concern was genuine. I was concerned in how they were going to address this once the test concluded. 9% is a considerable number especially when it is related to fuel repairs i.e. leaks.

So what did they conclude after 6 months of questions and concerns about the fuel line leaks with the Chevron fleet? They just dismissed the data from the Chevron fleet. What was their reasoning? Since the Chevron fleet consisted of "your average joe", and given the test was voluntary that they felt these people were most likely lax in keeping good records so they dismissed the data of the largest fleet in the test. Poof, it was gone. I found it outrageous that even 6% failure rate was acceptable.

Dejavu ... This time they are not recognizing any scientific opposition to this new scam. Unbelievable!

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